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XY Workwear is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of workwear, corporate clothing, safety footwear, uniforms and more. Designed with sustainable, top-quality materials, our range of workwear is designed to maximise comfort, protection and durability.

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Browse our range of stylish trousers, including high visibility, corporate and cargo trousers


Browse our range of high-quality t-shirts including v-neck, short-sleeve, long-sleeve tees and more.


Our range of high visibility clothing is designed using breathable, high-quality materials to offer maximum protection and comfort.

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Who are XY Workwear?

XY Workwear is a specialist supplier of workwear, uniform and corporate clothing and providing sustainable and stylish workwear garments for businesses across the UK.

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Why choose XY Workwear?

Ethically sustainable

We provide a range of ethically sourced and sustainable clothing designed using recyclable, natural materials to both enhance comfort and help the environment.


Our range of workwear is designed to offer maximum protection in hazardous workspaces, helping to keep staff safe from harm for all-day wear.


Our clothing range is made using the highest quality materials to provide durable, comfortable and long-lasting garments for workers.

Premium design

We pride ourselves on our premium designs, creating durable and sustainable workwear that is suited to all types of industries.


XY Workwear work with premium trusted manufacturers to develop sustainable methods of clothing production. We develop market-leading designs using recyclable materials; with sustainability at the heart of our process.



We source fabrics that are designed to provide long-lasting protection and comfort.

About Us


We provide workwear that is not only designed to offer maximum protection and durability, but also comes attached with an affordable price tag. We aim to provide long-lasting garments that support our sustainability mission.


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