Popular Workwear Brands

XY Workwear have worked with a number of world leading brands to bring you the most stylish, high quality workwear on the market. 

Choose from the best selection of workwear brands, with thousands of practical and stylish garments at your disposal. We accommodate workers across all sectors and our varied selection offers something for everyone.


Since 1999, Premier has designed and manufactured high-quality garments that are ideal for workers in the corporate, healthcare, beauty and hospitality sectors. 

XY Workwear stock a range of Premier aprons, chef jackets, polo shirts and tunics.

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Adidas are well known for their iconic sportswear range and you can always be confident that you’re getting top quality garments. Our range of Adidas workwear is perfect for work and leisure.


XY Workwear stock a range of Adidas bags, footwear, sweatshirts and more.

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Under Armour

Under Armour was founded in 1996 and has built up a reputation for manufacturing premium sportswear and leisure apparel.


XY Workwear stock a range of Under Armour bags, hoodies, t-shrits and more.

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Nike is one of the most prestigious, popular brands out there so you can be guaranteed to find a high quality stylish piece of workwear from Nike’s selection. Nike’s workwear range offers comfort and durability.


XY Workwear stock a range of Nike hoodies, sports trousers, t–shirts and more.

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Represented in over 20 countries, Snickers Workwear provides a range of premium work garments to provide greater safety and functionality to workers. 


XY Workwear stock a range of Snicker’s most practical and protective workwear to choose from, including work jackets and accessories.

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Specially designed for tradespeople, the Regatta workwear selection provides a range of heavy-duty jackets and waterproof garments for workers in a wide range of industries.


XY Workwear stock a range of Regatta hi-vis, activewear and more.

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Henbury is a leading manufacturer of corporate clothing, providing a range of high quality workwear garments for men and women in a variety of sectors. 


Offering good value and quality, XY Workwear stock a range of waterproof, durable workwear in a variety of colours and sizes.

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